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Cooperation Internationale

"At the Münster meeting of the RAI (2006), the membership of the International Association for Assyriology decided to revive the “Coopération Internationale” (hereinafter “Cooperation”). The goal of the “Cooperation” is to stimulate collaboration among colleagues studying the Ancient Near East by sharing information about programs and achievements at diverse centres of Assyriology and Mesopotamian archaeology.In its earlier manifestation, the “Cooperation” included two components: a series of oral reports delivered at a Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale by representatives from diverse centres and the publication of such reports in the journal Akkadica. Because the internet has come to be the most effective vehicle for gathering and distributing such information, a decision was taken to revive only the posted version of the “Cooperation” and to do so electronically."

Format:  Website
Publisher:  International Association for Assyriology
Date:  2007