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The Egyptian Coffin Texts, Volume 8. Middle Kingdom Copies of Pyramid Texts

"The texts inscribed in coffins, sarcophagi, and tomb chambers during the First Intermediate Period and Middle Kingdom (ca. 2100-1650 bc) are one of the richest sources for the language and religion of ancient Egypt. Known mostly as Coffin Texts, they are usually contemporary in composition with the objects on which they were inscribed. In many sources they also occur together with older compositions, copies of the Pyramid Texts that were first inscribed in royal tombs of the Fifth and Sixth Dynasties (ca. 2300-2200 bc). During the first half of the last century, the Oriental Institute’s Coffin Texts Project recorded more than one hundred Middle Kingdom sources inscribed with these two kinds of texts. The newer Coffin Texts were published in the first seven volumes of this series. This volume completes the series with the publication of Middle Kingdom Copies of Pyramid Texts. In addition to the material recorded by the Coffin Texts Project, this volume includes texts from a number of sources previously unpublished or only recently discovered."

Author(s):  Allen, James P
Format:  Book
Publisher:  The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago
Publication City:  Chicago
Date:  2006
ISBN:  1-885923-40-6
Size:  20.37 MB
Series:  Oriental Institute Publications, Number 132