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Adumatu: An Academic Refereed Journal on the Archaeology of the Arab World.

"ADUMATU" is the ancient name for Dumat Al-Jandal, one of the townships of Adumatu which acted as an important passageway for civilizations between east and west. The new journal launched by Abdul Rahaman Al Sudairy Foundation will take the name of this important ancient cross-road for civilizations and will seek to be a channel for the dissemination of scholarly archaeological research results and related civilizational studies in the Arab world. Archaeological investigations conducted in various parts of the Arab world have revealed how deep roots of human culture go in this region. A long and rich sequence of archaeological discoveence of archaeological discoveries demonstrates the significance of the Arab world as one of the leading centers for the development and evolution of human culture. The early beginnings of food production, the rise of ancient civilizations and the emergence of Islam are the landmarks in the story of the development of world civilizations In spite of the presence of few publications focusing on some parts of the Arab World, the need for a pan-arab scholarly journal can not be overstated. Adumatu is dedicated to be a scientific forum for the publication of archaeological research and related subjects.

Format:  Journal