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Ancient Biblical Manuscripts Center

"For over 3,000 years, scribes copied the texts of the Bible from manuscript to manuscript by hand. No scribe, no matter how committed, diligent, or unbiased, produced an error-free copy. Indeed, many scribes felt compelled to change the text in accordance with their own theological traditions. Since significant differences exist among all Biblical manuscripts, today each surviving manuscript represents a unique witness that must be studied in comparison with others. Unfortunately, extant manuscripts are scattered around the world, and geographical, financial, and political barriers hinder scholarly access. ABMC serves as an archive for accurate copies of original source materials of the Jewish and Christian Bibles. The mission of ABMC is two-fold: preservation and research. Above all, ABMC seeks to foster greater accuracy in textual work on the Bible."

Format:  Website
Publisher:  Claremont School of Theology
Publication City:  Claremont