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Old Babylonian Letters from Tell Asmar

"After more than a half a century since their discovery, it is time for the texts discovered at Tell Asmar (ancient Eshnunna) to be published. The first step towards a systematic publication of the Eshnunna archives has now been taken by Robert Whiting, with this publication of all the Akkadian letters unearthed at that site. Robert Whiting's book is indeed a fine example of a sound and exhaustive text publication. Beautifully drawn cuneiform copies are supplied at the end of the book. [From a review by Shlomo Izre'el in Revue Biblique 97 (1990) 600-03]."

Author(s):  Whiting, Robert M, Jr
Format:  Book
Publisher:  The University of Chicago Press
Publication City:  Chicago
Date:  1987
ISSN:  0-918986-47-8
Series:  Assyriological Studies 22