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Cuneiform Series, Volume I: Sumerian Lexical Texts from the Temple School of Nippur

"A very rich and various feast is presented to students of the Sumerian and Akkadian vocabularies in this large volume of one hundred and twenty-six pages. The material is the whole of the remaining fragments of native philology recovered from the ruins of Nippur and now preserved in the Philadelphia Museum; that is to say, these tablets were inscribed with lists of great varieties of natural and artificial things, such as the Sumerian scribes delighted to compile. To exhaust the information contained in the texts promises a long and rather arduous task for the scholar, but the reward will be great, and if he has any complaint, it will be that the author, who has done so much in the copying, might perhaps have lightened his readers’ task by giving them some of the results of the much study which he must have devoted to the texts."

Author(s):  Chiera, Edward
Format:  Book
Publisher:  The University of Chicago Press
Publication City:  Chicago
Date:  1929
Series:  Oriental Institute Publications 11