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Uch Tepe I: Tell Razuk, Tell Ahmed Al-Mughir, Tell Ajamat

"This volume is the first of three (projected) final reports on the joint expedition of the Oriental Institute and the University of Copenhagen in the Hamrin Salvage project of Iraq. The main focus is on the Early Dynastic I round fortress of Uch Tepe. It includes detailed discussions of the stratigraphy, pottery, and lithics. Important sections on the geography, land use, and history of the Hamrin valley have set the parameters for discussion of the area. There are short reports on two other tells excavated by the expedition, complete with an important discussion of the pottery of the second and third millennium B.C."

Author(s):  Gibson, McGuire [ed.]
Format:  Book
Publisher:  The Oriental Institute
Publication City:  Chicago
Date:  1981
ISBN:  0-918986-34-6
Series:  The Chicago-Copenhagen Expedition to the Hamrin