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Knowledge and Power in the Neo-Assyrian Empire: Google Earth and Google Sky content (KMZ files)

"Here are some links to downloadable images and Google Earth and Google Sky content (KMZ files) used elsewhere on the website. For instructions on downloading Google Earth (including Google Sky) and installing KMZ files, see the External Resources page.Family tree of the Assyrian royal family Provinces of the Assyrian empire, with labelsProvinces of the Assyrian empire, without labelsSheep's liver, with the zones considered ominous in Neo-Assyrian royal extispicyAll Google Earth content (KMZ files) used in People, Gods, and PlacesAll Google Sky content (KMZ files) showing Assyrian stars and constellations (8KB)"

Author(s):  Horry, Ruth;Radner, Karen; Robson, Eleanor; Tinney, Steve (and others)
Format:  Website
Publisher:  Higher Education Academy Subject Centre for Philosophical & Religious Studies
Date:  2007