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Ancient Historians in the USA

"This on-line directory is, in its 15 September 1998 version, available in hard-copy:Directory of ancient historians in the United States, second edition, compiled by Konrad H. Kinzl, Claremont CA: Regina Books [POBox 280, Claremont CA 91711, Tel. 909-624-8466, Fax -626-1345] c [Association of Ancient Historians] 1999. Pp. v, 124. ISBN 0-941690-87-3 (pbk.). USD 14.95.The first edition was compiled by Richard Talbert and Robert Wallace and published in 1992. It was no longer in print in 1996 when Carol Thomas, President of the Association of Ancient Historians (1991-1999), initiated the compilation of the present directory. The electronic "on-line" version is being and will continue to be updated on an almost weekly basis.Corrections and additions (including URLs of home pages) should be sent on an ongoing basis to: Konrad H. Kinzl (512 Homewood Avenue, Peterborough ON K9H 2N3, Canada, tel.fax 705-743-8752), in order to render the on-line version as up to date as possible.Although this directory owes its existence to the AAH and its former President Carol Thomas (who also organised the printing of the hard-copy edition), it is not a directory of AAH members only. It is what the title indicates: a directory of ancient historians in the US.The information collected in the directory was supplied by several colleagues who have contributed in a major way, and by those who assisted by providing information about themselves. It is only as good as Ancient Historians in the United States wish it to be."

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