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Comparative Index to Islam - from the Qur'an, Hadiths, Taurat, Injil and other sources

"This is a huge index to Islam, which started as an index to the Quran, obtained originally from the net, and was greatly expanded to include materials from hadith, commentaries, researchers, etc. If you have other things to add, correct or suggestions to make, please email us. (This index was originally developed independently from this site, but it would be nice to make it eventually the prefered site entry point through which all content can be accessed. This is a lot of work to look for connections to make into links. Suggestions from which old or new entry to link to other pages on Answering Islam are most welcome.) References to Qur'anic verses are according to Pickthall's translation: The Meaning of The Glorious Quran (annotated with P:). Other translations are annotated with YA: (Yusuf Ali), MA: (Muhammad Asad), S: (Shakir), SA: (Sher Ali), RK: (Rashad Khalifa)..."

Format:  Book
Publisher:  Answering Islam