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Das Obere Haburtal in der Jazira zwischen dem 13. und dem 5. Jh. v.Chr. Die Keramik des Projektes Prospection archéogique du Haut-Khabur Occidental (Syrie du N.E.)

"The volume presents the results of the Dissertation discussed at the University of Heidelberg, Institute for Pre- and Protohistory, in 2004 (Supervisors: Prof. Dr. H. Hauptmann, Prof. Dr. F. Blocher). The work is divided into three main parts: the first one is devoted to the geography, the history and the history of the researches concerning the Jazira, focusing on LBA and early Iron Age. The second part consists of a list of the excavations in Upper Mesopotamia that have yielded levels and pottery of the Middle-, Neo- and Post-Assyrian periods according to currently known publications. The third part deals with the analysis of the Assyrian pottery from the survey carried out by Dr. B. Lyonnet (C.N.R.S.) in the Upper Khabur area, in Syrian Jazira."

Author(s):  Anastasio, Stefano
Format:  Book
Publisher:  C.E.T.
Publication City:  Firenze
Date:  2007
ISBN:  978-88-7957-261-3