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Past Horizons: Online Journal of Volunteer Archaeology and Training

"Past Horizons has been created to enable people whether amateur or professional to participate in archaeological projects around the world. Some of the projects require no archaeological experience to participate but you will work with professionals who will provide guidance on a daily basis. Other projects are mainly for student participation where academic credits can be obtained and others are for professionals only.So, if you just want to do something different with your holidays or have a sabbatical to take, have a look and see if there is something that appeals to you, there is something to suit all budgets. If you want to ask us about what it is like to go on an archaeological dig please feel free to get in touch as we have been on many digs around the world from Jordan - Georgia – Thailand. You might also like to ask members of the forum what their experiences have been or even make arrangements with people going on the same dig."

Format:  Journal
Publisher:  Past Horizons
Date:  2008 -