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Pollux: Archimedes Project Dictionary Access

"Enter the word you want to look up, select the dictionary from the drop down menu, and press Lookup!Greek words must be entered in Beta Code. If you are using Greek and have appropriate fonts available, you can select an output filter from the Greek Display options. For more information on Greek fonts, see Instructions for Viewing Greek with Greek Fonts (from Perseus). In order to use the Unicode Greek filter, you will need a font that contains precomposed polytonic Greek characters. If you're having trouble with Greek Unicode in your browser, you may find this test page helpful.To use the Arabic dictionary, you must enter roots in the Buckwalter transliteration (chart in PDF format). In the present implementation, Arabic words can only be displayed in Unicode. Additional options for Arabic transliteration will be available in the future. You may wish to read about our work on Arabic language texts."

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