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The Archaeological Sites of the Aegean Minoans

"The Aegean Minoan 3D GIS Project was initiated in 2007 to produce a three-dimensional full-color mapping of the archaeological sites of the Minoans in the Aegean Sea area using Google Earth. It is intended to be a definitive geographical reference available to everyone. While we are always looking to improve it, thanks to contributing scholars and public volunteers it is the most comprehensive and accurate mapping of its kind ever made. All sites are referenced to the archaeological literature and have links to additional descriptive and visual information with some exceptions. 3D virtual reality panoramas like Bruce Hartzler's Metis QTVR catalog and the British School at Athens' 3D virtual reality tour of Knossos are included and all sites listed on Ian Swindale's excellent Minoan Crete website are linked to it."

Author(s):  Baird, W. Sheppard
Format:  Website
Date:  2008