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Amos: Hypertext Bible Commentary

"This commentary is based on three major principles: to respect the role of the various biblical canons as Holy Scripture for Christian and Jewish Communities to be accessible to as wide a range of intelligent readers as possible to represent accurate and careful biblical scholarshipTo achieve the first I have tried to avoid contentious and sectarian interpretation. Where possible I have presented the information and tried to allow readers to form their own judgment about the significance of this information for understanding the text today. (Where I have indicated a Christian reading I have tried to preface it with some remark like "a Christian reader may understand this as...")The second goal, of accessibility, is assisted greatly by the hypertext format. This allows explanation to be provided for some users, while more detailed discussion of the evidence can be offered for others. In the commentary series that we plan to follow Amos, these two sorts of link will be distinguished either by color or by mouseover tooltips.The scholarship is ultimately something each reader must judge, however the commentary has already had approval from several biblical scholars and university libraries, and it has been subject to peer review (like printed academic publications), and will be reviewed in biblical studies journals.This commentary aims to present the text and, through presentation of its historical background in monarchic Israel (see note) and discussion of its linguistic and literary features, to allow the reader to understand it better..."

Author(s):  Bulkeley, Tim
Format:  Book
Publisher:  Hypertext Bible Project
Date:  2005