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Cuneiform Texts in the Collection of St. Martin Archabbey Beuron

"The 22 cuneiform texts presented in the following were formerly part of the private collection of the late Professor Dr. Athanasius Miller OSB and are currently in the possession of St. Martin Archabbey Beuron, Germany. Purchased prior to the year 1912 in the Near East, 15 of these texts were mentioned in P. Dhorme’s publication “Tablettes de Dréhem a Jérusalem,” RA 9 (1912), 39-63, of which only five were reproduced in hand copies by Dhorme. The present contribution is the first comprehensive edition of all of the objects with cuneiform inscription— 21 Ur III administrative documents from Puzriš-Dagan and Umma as well as an Old Babylonian commemorative inscription of Sin-kašid of Uruk—once owned by Athanasius Miller."

Author(s):  Hilgert, Marcus
Format:  Article
Publisher:  Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative (CDLI)
Publication City:  Los Angeles
Date:  2008
Source:  Cuneiform Digital Library Journal (CDLJ)
Volume:  2008
Number:  2