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Greek, Roman and Byzantine Pottery at Ilion (Troia): Roman Amphoras. Please note that this is a public draft of work in progress

"The following catalog lists a small sample of the Roman-period amphoras found at Troia. The separation of Hellenistic from Roman is somewhat arbitrary and begins here with the forms Dressel 1, Dressel 2-4 and Dressel 6. In the references, “Middle Roman” amphoras are classified according to the typology established by Riley (1982) at Benghazi, ancient Berenice. “Late Roman Amphora” indicates use of the overlapping typology developed at Carthage (Riley 1981), itself derived from earlier work at Caesarea (Riley 1975). Of the types defined by Riley, MRA 5 and MRA 7 are relatively common in the late second and third centuries. MRA 5 begins to appear in the late second century. Slane (2004:364-365) suggests that the introduction of MRA 7 be dated to the early third century. Martin (2000:429-430) records the form as still in use at Olympia in the late fourth century. There are two main fabrics of this form: one brown with frequent light angular inclusions, the other brick-red with occasional dark rounded stones visible in the fabric and on the surface. A third fabric, so far represented by a single sherd with dark surface, also appears below. Pontic amphoras occur in middle roman deposits at Troia. The one-handled MRA 3, known as "micaceous water jar", likewise occurs regularly. Its two handled successor, LRA 3, is present in later levels. Two "pinched handle" amphoras, one perhaps in Cilician fabric, are described below; as is a single Cretan amphora. In the later series of eastern Mediterranean amphoras, the Cilician/Cypriot LRA 1, Aegean LRA 2, W. Anatolian LRA 3, and Gazan LRA 4 all appear at Ilion. No examples of LRA 5/6 or LRA 7 have been recorded. As is often the case on eastern Mediterranean sites, North African amphoras are very rare, though one piece, a spatheion toe, is published here and a few others have been cataloged..."

Author(s):  Heath, Sebastian
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