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Thermoluminescence Dating of Early Ceramics from Oman

"Thermoluminescence (TL) measurements at Samad al-Shan and al-Maysar were conducted in 1981 and evaluated at the Max Planck Institute for physics in Heidelberg. Unfortunately, these were never published. Since the time TL-measurements were made, the typology of slags and our knowledge of the different sites have advanced considerably for all of the periods. TL itself has been subject to considerable study since samples were taken in Oman in 1981. The new datings support other categories of evidence for the dating of the different periods contrasting and complementing those in Gerd Weisgerber’s publication, “Mehr als Kupfer in Oman – Ergebnisse der Expedition 1981. Der Anschnitt 33: 174–263. They also have the advantage of providing a corrective to radiocarbon and other dating methods, the most important of which is radiocarbon dating."

Author(s):  Wagner, Günther ; Yule, Paul
Format:  Article
Date:  2008
Series:  Propylaeum-DOK: Publikationsplatform Altertumswissenschaft