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’Fabulous Places in the Land of Israel in Antiquity’

This is an interdisciplinary study of Talmudic literature on the one hand, intermingled with folklore and historical geography of the Land of Israel in Antiquity, on the other hand. The aim of the study is to analyze an unusual berayta that appears in b. Ber. 54a. The berayta deals from the Halakha point of view with some geographical places where miracles were performed for the children of Israel: in Sinai, Trans-Jordan and Judea. An attempt is made to understand the sources that were later included in the berayta, some parallels are brought forward, and historical and folkloristic background is provided for these miraculous places in the Land of Israel.

Author(s):  Bar-Ilan, Meir
Format:  Article
Date:  1996
Source:  Judea and Samaria Research Studies
Volume:  5
Number:  229-239