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Kish Collection

"The Kish Project 2004-2006 The Status Quo: In late 2003 the US federal government, through the auspices of the National Endowment for the Humanities, developed a special Iraq initiative offering substantial funding to projects to preserve and document Iraqi cultural resources. This program offered the unique opportunity for funding of efforts dealing not only with collections within Iraq, but also with those materials of Iraqi cultural patrimony exported to Europe and America. The appropriateness of this funding opportunity was not lost on The Field Museum, which sought, and received, the funding necessary to revisit, after nearly a century, the collections from Kish. This initial funding for the Kish Project has been substantially augmented by both private donations and, in late 2005, by an appropriation from the United States Congress..."

Format:  Website
Publisher:  The Field Museum of Natural History
Publication City:  Chicago
Date:  2007