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Cahiers de recherches médiévales - Journal of medieval studies (CRM)

"The Cahiers de Recherches Médiévales (Journal of Medieval Studies) publish, at the highest level of international research, papers dealing with the whole span of the medieval period. They also open up on the Renaissance and on transhistorical outlooks (XVIth-XXIth) of the interpretations of the Middle Ages. The journal is interdisciplinary, and papers dealing with different fields of research such as history, literature, history of sciences, law and religions, etc. are also welcome.Official working languages of the CRM are French and English. However, depending on the subject, papers written in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German can also be presented. The CRM publish two 300 pages issues every year. Each issue concentrates on a main theme, accompanied with sub-topics of three to four papers, and of regular series such as “Études christiniennes”, “Modernité du Moyen Âge”, etc. Papers dealing with other themes “Varia” and books reviews are also published.The papers which are submitted must be at the highest level. They will be reviewed by two scholars, specialists of the field, and will be published only with the agreement of the scientific Committee."

Format:  Journal