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Sources for manuscripts of Targumic literature in public collections. Selective bibliography: catalogues

"This is an eclectical list of catalogues of libraries and private collections housing Hebrew and Aramaic manuscripts, as found in library collections. It goes without saying that the primus inter pares of catalogues is the card catalogue at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Nonetheless, older catalogues remain valuable. The present list has made extensive use of earlier guides and compilations, mainly Pearson's Oriental Manuscripts and Gabrieli's Manoscritti e carte orientali, and it should be updated in view of Richler's Guide to Hebrew Manuscript Collections as it was compiled in 1992. However, it is only intended as a source of information to be used alongside Richler's invaluable guide. This list is not intended for publication. Thanks are due to prof. dr. W. Baars and to prof. dr. J.C. de Moor for their kind and valuable suggestions. The entries have been distributed according to nation and location. Catalogues covering more than one library are listed separately, with references in the entry of the location. Due to the eclectic nature, as well as slow growth of this list, there are many bibliographical inconsistencies to be noted, for which I apologise."

Author(s):  Smelik, W
Date:  2001
Source:  UCL Eprints