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Temehu : Welcome To Libya's First Online Museum

" Libyan museums are hardly known outside Libya and rarely listed in or covered by any of the specialist publications and organisations. Despite being the home of one of the most valued museums in the world, namely Assaraya Alhamra Museum, for its unique collection of artifacts dating from the Stone Age to the present day, Libyan museums still remain in total darkness. To this day, not a single museum has a website.It is for these reasons that has decided to build Libya's first online museum, to allow people, students and researchers from all over the world, most of whom can not visit the country, a free access to this unique treasure. Temehu's Online Museum was therefore created to collect information and photos and make them available online free of charge. You can access all the galleries and notes directly from the above menu without the need for registration. Any reviews, articles, photos or feedback will be greatly appreciated.Although Temehu's Online Museum is still in its early stages, we have plans to include detailed reviews and analysis of all the museums of Libya, a photo gallery about the whole country, organised by town, a video gallery, Libyan jewellery & traditional crafts gallery, and prehistoric art galleries (some of which are currently live at Wadi Matkhandoush and Prehistoric Art ). All photos are copyright protected and never been published before. Copying or using these photos without prior permission or without proper linking and credit is strictly illegal. Please follow our instructions for further information..."

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