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Roman Provincial Coinage, Supplement 2

"The second reprinting - in 2006 - of RPC I has been the occasion to publish also this secondSupplement to RPC. The first Supplement was published in 1998 and covered much new materialthat had appeared for the Julio-Claudian period between the date of the first publication of RPC Iin 1992 and 1997. This new Supplement includes new material from 1998 to about 2005, andcovers the Flavian period (RPC II) as well as the Julio-Claudian period. In due course there will bea third Supplement!The material has been arranged in two sequential parts, the first covering RPC I and the secondcovering RPC II.Index 1, Cities, is again brought up to date and is a consolidated Index for the cities representedin RPC I-II, the first Supplement and the second Supplement.The decision to publish the second Supplement on-line rather than as a book has been taken forthree reasons: first of all, it is easier; second it improves access for scholars, collectors, museumcurators and other users; and thirdly, an electronic version is easier to search. We do not claimany copyright over the text or pictures used here, and we would be happy for any scholar orcollector to use them for his or her own personal or academic purpose.We are very grateful to the University of Valencia for hosting the publication."

Author(s):  Burnett, Andrew, Michel Amandry, Pere Pau Ripollès, Ian Carradice
Format:  Book
Publisher:  University of Valencia
Publication City:  Valencia
Date:  2006
ISBN:  978-84-690-5987-6