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The Epigraphic Finds of the Sixth Season

"The tablets recovered in Mozan during the sixth season of excavations in 1990 represent the northernmost find to date of well stratified cuneiform texts for the third millennium. They are accounts of people listed by name, profession, and sometimes provenience. The language in which the texts are written is plausibly Old Akkadian, and so is a majority of personal names, but several names may be explained as Hurrian. The date is that of the later portion of the Sargonic period. Besides providing a complete philological treatment of the texts, this fascicle briefly describes the archaeological context -- a stratigraphically well defined deposit within a sizeable stone building; it also provides a brief report on the work of the sixth season of excavations."

Author(s):  Milano, L., with contributions by G. Buccellati, M. Kelly-Buccellati, M. Liverani
Format:  Book
Publisher:  Undena Publications
Publication City:  Malibu
Date:  1991
Series:  Syro-Mesopotamian Studies 5/1