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Samian Pottery, a Resource for the Study of Roman Britain and Beyond The results of the English Heritage funded Samian Project. The Spreadsheet Data

"The data downloadable here is the result of the final phase of an English Heritage funded project carried out by Steven Willis at the University of Kent. Earlier phases of the project, conducted in the late 1990s, included a pilot survey and a research synthesis. The pilot survey verified the reliability and utility of the project methodologies and the research synthesis brought new light to bear on this familiar material type of the Roman era. The findings arising from these stages have been published previously (Willis 1997b; 1998a). The data resulting from the final phase of the project, are downloadable here. The full synthesis is published as an article in issue 17 of Internet Archaeology.The Samian Pottery study sought to make the best use of samian evidence as a key resource for exploring a range of questions in Roman archaeology. The study collated a large body of data and applied hitherto under-utilised methods to extract archaeological information from this material. The data is held in three spreadsheets.The data resulting from the Samian Pottery project can be used to further study samian in the UK. It is possible to download the three original spreadsheets as MS Excel and OpenOffice spreadsheet files or as tab delimited files that can be up loaded into the users own software. The data is held in a more accessible and straightforward query tool for the non-specialist user in the Internet Archaeology article."

Author(s):  Willis, Steven
Format:  Website
Date:  2009
Source:  Archaeology Data Service