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The Met/ Rogues' Gallery: A Review And Addenda: Michael Gross's Rogues' Gallery

"Over three years ago Michael Gross informed me by telephone that he was writing a history of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MMA) and desired to meet with me. He wanted information regarding dealings and policies of the museum’s Directors, Trustees and selected staff. I tentatively agreed but decided to read his book 740 Park Avenue before further contact. It was lengthy, but good, well written, an enriching account of important social issues involving rich people. Yes, much was clearly gossip, but there was also Gossip, pertinent facts regarding individuals’ public and private lives. We then met, exchanged phone calls and email messages. I provided him with information on the Rogues within or associated with the MMA, as well as their powerless victims. The Rogues’ victims deserved public attention, hitherto denied them; they would also serve as sources about the corruption and absolute power embedded in the MMA’s Trustees and Directors..."

Author(s):  Muscarella, Oscar White
Format:  Book Review
Publisher:  Scoop Inependent News
Date:  2009
Volume Info:  16-Sep-09