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Future of Albania's Past (FOAP)

"Welcome to the FoAP web page. On this page you will find general archaeological information about the whole Albanian territory. This information is assembled and presented in the form of a database. Different queries provide different ways of finding the information. The guide will enable a clear understanding of how to conduct these queries and obtain the results you are looking for. The dictionary explains archaeological terms found on the database and in other documents on this page.The general information consists of how this project began, the objectives behind it, its supporters, on-going developments, future goals, and is accompanied by interim reports from cognitive projects. This page and especially the database will be fed further with the latest results from informative investigations carried out by this project.In relation to this field, the Albanian and international legislation provide the legislative articles and acts on which this project is based.The FoAP Project aims at creating a digital archaeological map covering the whole Albanian territory, which will be available to the public at a later stage. "

Format:  Website
Publisher:  International Centre for Albanian Archaeology