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Cultural Policy Research Institute

"The Cultural Policy Research Institute is a 501(3)(c) nonprofit organization - a public charity dedicated to advancing public education and understanding of the issues that underlie the ownership and disposition of cultural property. The Institute conducts research into the legal, administrative, political and ethical issues, both national and international, that shape the continuing debate about the acquisition, display, conservation and publication of cultural artifacts by museums and private individuals in the United States, the preservation and accessibility of such artifacts within the US and in other countries, and about the protection of archaeological sites everywhere. The Institute disseminates information on cultural policy issues through its website,, through outreach to the museum community and by publishing up-to-date analyses of the rapidly changing laws and international agreements on the subject. The Institute seeks to foster cooperation between U.S. and foreign institutions and governments. It strongly encourages cooperative means to preserve the world’s cultural heritage for future generations, including means to protect cultural sites of all types from damage or destruction by conflict, looting, development or neglect."

Format:  Website
Publisher:  Cultural Policy Research Institute
Publication City:  Santa Fe
Series:  Cultural Policy Research Institute, Research Study #1