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A Bequest Unearthed, Phoenicia -- Encyclopedia Phoeniciana

"More than years ago, I started work on this website, A Bequest Unearthed, Phoenicia -- Encyclopedia Phoeniciana. Throughout these years, I've maintained and supported this website and center out of my own personal funds. I have never accepted funding or commercial sponsorship, because I wanted to keep the site free of influence by any commercial, political or religious interests. This gave my pen free range to express myself and publish materials from contributing authors without giving any consideration to my would-be sponsors.My initial plan was to create a small Phoenician presence on the web, at a time when most of the sites that covered Phoenician subjects were no where to be found. Like many endeavors, the project started with a few pages and was very humble in content. As I researched the subject, I discovered how little I knew about my ancestors. The experience of finding more materials and delving into the depths of various subjects about the Phoenicians was exciting and rewarding but at the same time a cause for anger. Yes, I was angry with those who were responsible for system of education in my country of origin, Lebanon, and the casual and trivial approach they took in refraining from including serious history of the Phoenicians in Lebanese national curricula, even on the college level..."

Author(s):  Elias , Georges
Format:  Website