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EDAL. Egyptian and Egyptological Documents Archives Libraries

Author(s):  Piacentini Patrizia, Editor-in-chief
Format:  Journal
Publisher:  Pontremoli Editore
Publication City:  Milano
Date:  2009
Volume:  1
Pages:  192 + 86
ISSN:  2038-2286
Text:  The acronym EDAL, for Egyptian and Egyptological Documents, Archives, Libraries, has been chosen to remind the name of Elmar Edel, the renowned Egyptologist at the origin of the Egyptological Archives and Library of the Università degli Studi di Milano. First aim of this annual is that of making the documents kept in the Milanese Archives and Library, and in all the other Egyptological Archives, Libraries and Museums around the world, known to the community of Egyptologists as well as to Archivists, Librarians, Collectors, Bibliophilists and to all those who are interested in the History of Egyptology and of Ancient Egypt. Among the number of scientific journals, one on these topics was still missing, and we hope to fill the gap now with EDAL, in which articles on ancient Egyptian documents will be included too. The idea of this annual goes back to 2001, but Patrizia Piacentini, its Director and Full Professor of Egyptology at the University of Milan, had to wait almost eight years before accomplishing this project, when she finally had the chance to meet Lucia Di Maio and Giovanni Maria Milani, owners of Pontremoli Editore. They believed immediately in the project, and with sympathy and courage developed and financed it without restrictions. And many famous Egyptologists have accepted to be in the Honorary and Scientific Boards of EDAL: John Baines, Manfred Bietak, Peter Der Manuelian, Anna Maria Donadoni Roveri, Sergio Donadoni, Christopher Eyre, Nicolas Grimal, Jochem Kahl, Jean Leclant, Antonio Loprieno, Jaromír Málek, Laure Pantalacci, Stephen Quirke, William Kelly Simpson, and Pascal Vernus. The editing, layout and design is due to the hard work of Giacomo Coronelli, Laura Marucchi, and Christian Orsenigo. The first issue contains part of the contributions presented to the International Conference Egyptian Archives / Egyptological Archives, held at the Università degli Studi di Milano on September 9-12, 2008. They are devoted to the activity and records of famous Egyptologists and artists interested in the Egyptian culture, such as Jean-François Champollion, Victor Loret, Ludwig Borchardt, Eugène Dévaud, George Reisner, but also Giovan Battista Piranesi, Pelagio Palagi, Auguste Rodin. Other articles are related to the Archives of Museums with Egyptian Collections — the British and the Petrie Museums in London, the Louvre in Paris, the Archaeological Museum in Bologna and the Egyptian Museum in Turin — others to the presence of Egypt in the pages of Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries journals, and of the famous Milanese newspaper «Corriere della Sera».