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Mythographus Homericus: estudi i edició comentada

"Recent papyrology han been collecting a few fragments under the name Mythographus Homericus. These textual relics give evidence of the circulation of an ancient mythographical work wich is clearly related to the homeric Scholia Minora or D-Scholia.This collection of fragments offers an amount of formal characteristics and contents wich give an undoubted unity to the corpus.All this papyrus fragments have been published independently along the XXth. Century. Nevertheless, in 1891 Johannes Panzer had already payed attention to the mythographic D-Scholia (the interpolated corpus called historiae fabulares) and pointed to one and only archetype, introducing the name Mythographus Homericus for all this interpolated material.The coincidences between these historiae fabulares and the mythographic papyrus related to the Iliad and the Odyssey led Pfeiffer into inferring a narrow relationship between the two different corpora. He stablished the denomination Mythographus Homericus for the papyrus collection mentioned; so, Panzers thesis seemed to be confirmed by papyrological research. There is no doubt that a mythographic work was circulating independently at least from Ist. to Vth. centuries a. D. It was much later, in Byzantine times, that the historiae fabulares narrated by the Mythographus Homericus where interpolated in the corpus of the D-Scholia to Homer.The Mythographus Homericus is formally an hypomnema, a commentary to some lemmata from the homeric poems; under each lemma we can read a summarized myth. Some of them are closely related to the lemma mentioned, but some other doesnt seem to show any thematic link. This duality has led us to infer the previous existence of two different works in origin: a former commentary to Homer on a myhological basis and a later erudite compilation. The second one kept the same formal scheme, the hypomnema, and the final result was the fusion of both works into a new encyclopaedic mythological compendium related to homeric lemmata.In my work of thesis I offer an edition of all the mythographic material related to the Iliad, with an individual apparatus criticus to each historia fabularis. This edition leans on a complete reading of all the scholia to Homer, and a gathering of all the mythographic material that seems to fit with the characteristics mentioned, as an attempt to reconstruct an archetypical text of the Mythographus Homericus or, at least, of the extant we have nowadays in an altered status of the text due to the manuscript transmission. I join an introduction with a systematic study of the textual tradition, and a commentary to the text. As an annex I join the collection related to the Odyssey excerpted from the Dindorf edition of the Scholia."

Author(s):  Cuartero i Iborra, Francesc Josep
Format:  Book
Publisher:  Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Publication City:  Barcelona
Date:  2007