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Early Bronze Age settlement system and village life in the Jenin Region/ Palestine : a study of Tell Jenin stratigraphy and pottery traditions

" The dissertation investigates the settlement system development of the Jenin region during the transitional period from the Late Chalcolithic to the Early Bronze Age. It is based on three components. 1) The first is the investigation of the settlement systems of the Jenin region during the Chalcolithic to the Early Bronze Age. It is an attempt to develop the principles of some approaches discussed before with the objective of reconstructing the economy and population trends in the region. 2) The second component is an analysis of Tell Jenin historical and archaeological data sources relevant to the Early Bronze Age I transition and settlement systems developments. 3) The third component is a technological analysis of the Early Bronze Age I pottery traditions from Tell Jenin. The discussions of the three components are based stratigraphic and pottery data from Tell Jenin excavations and surveys, conducted by Birzeit University between 1977 and 1986. Other data sources on the region were also used. I use various methods to analyze these data, namely, GIS mapping, full stratigraphic analysis, and petrographic and technological analysis of the pottery."

Author(s):  Salem, Hamed J
Format:  Book
Publisher:  Dept of Near Eastern Archaeology, Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University
Publication City:  Leiden
Date:  2006