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Christian Literary Texts in Manuscripts of Second & Third Centuries

The arrangement is by text, under broad headings, e.g., “Old Testament”. Manuscripts thatcontain more than one text (except for manuscripts of the Minor Prophets) are cited for eachtext, with cross-references to the boldface-numbers of the other texts on this list. In the“Identification” column, each manuscript is identified using a standard papyrologicalreference, with other identifiers as appropriate. “LDAB” = the online Leuven Database ofAncient Books, the number cited being their catalogue listing. “VH” = the item-numberassigned a manuscript in the van Haelst catalogue. Old Testament items will have a “Rahlfs”number, as assigned in the Rahlfs Verzeichnis. Items marked with * are Jewish manuscriptslisted for interest/comparison; and ** = items with some question about their dating, genre, orother matter, including some that are difficult to identify as to whether Christian or Jewish.Information in the “Comments” box is not systematically supplied for each manuscript, butreflects only my own information and choices of what seemed relevant here. Likewise, I havesupplied estimated page-sizes of some manuscripts (under “Form”), but have not been able todo so systematically for all items listed.

Author(s):  Hurtado, Larry W
Format:  Article
Source:  From L. W. Hurtado, The Earliest Christian Artifacts: Manuscripts and Christian Origins (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2006), Appendix 1, pp. 209-229. Latest update 07 January 2011