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Successors of Mithridates II Arsacid, A Review of Iran History in the Period 95-57 B.C.

Some Revisions about the history of Iran in the Arsacid period about the years 95 to 57 B.C. Also it suggest a new order of the Parthian & Georgian kings in that period.

Author(s):  Hamid Reza Ghashghai
Format:  Article
Publisher:  Dr. Samuel M. Jordan Center for Persian Studies and Culture, University of California
Publication City:  Irvine
Date:  Mar-09
Source:  Bulletin of Ancient Iranian History
Volume Info:  5
Volume:  5
Notes:  [in Persian: جانشينان مهرداددوم اشکاني مروري بر تاريخ ايران در سالهاي ٩٥ تا ٥٧ پيش از ميلاد]