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A Bibliography of Ancient Anatolia for the Years 1985 to 1994 based on the Newsletter for Anatolian Studies

"As its title implies, this bibliography has grown out of the Newsletter for Anatolian Studies, which began publication in 1985. In its current form, however, it has been considerably expanded. The bibliography contains well over five thousand entries, which cover all periods of research into Anatolia from prehistory to the Hellenistic age. Topically, it includes linguistics, philology, archaeology and history. Geographically, it encompasses Anatolia and, less comprehensively, Cyprus, Armenia and northern Syria. A number of sources were heavily consulted in the compilation of this bibliography. Among them, the Research Archives of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, whose Archivist, Charles Jones, has been infinitely helpful. The "Keilschriftbibliographie," published regularly in the journal Orientalia by R. Caplice, Horst Klengel and Karlheinz Deller and the "Indogermanische Chronik" published in Die Sprache by Heiner Eichner were also consulted extensively..."

Author(s):  Collins, Billie Jean
Format:  Website
Publisher:  The Hittite Home Page
Date:  1998