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Archaeology, Electronic Journals and the Cyberculture: Are they linked?.

Online multimedia products have open new doors of communication not only between researchers and public, but also among researchers themselves: the media are faster, easier and richer as information providers. Mediterranean Prehistory Online, as an electronic journal on archaeology, comes up to be another support of both professional necessities, and by faciliting new resources wants also to encourage cyber communication practices among archaeologists. Moreover, digitization via networks communications are opening new ways of writing and reading: the hypertexts. Mediterranean Prehistory Online proposes a linked system of HTML articles connected also to other web sites in the World Wide Web. In doing so we will drift from the static paper to the hypertext, i.e. a sort of chain of texts connected by links from the journal which offer the reader different pathways to enrich his/her reading on the subject presented by the author.

Author(s):  Colomer, Laia
Format:  Article
Date:  1998
Source:  Mediterranean Prehistory Online