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A Systematic Bibliography on Deir el-Medîna

The following list is an update of the bibliographies by L.M.J. Zonhoven, in: R.J. Demarée and J.J. Janssen ed., Gleanings from Deir el-Medîna (Egyptologische Uitgaven 1), Leiden, 1982, pp. 245-298, and B. Haring, in: R.J. Demarée and A. Egberts ed., Village Voices. Proceedings of the symposium 'Texts from Deir el-Medîna and their interpretation', Leiden, May 31 - June 1, 1991 (CNWS Publications 13), Leiden, 1992, pp. 111-140.

Author(s):  Demarée, R.J. B.J.J. Haring, L.M.J. Zonhoven and W. Hovestreydt
Format:  Article
Source:  The Deir el Medina Database