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A Virtual Exploration of the Lost Labyrinth: developing a reconstructive model of Hawara Labyrinth pyramid complex and the Roman period cemeteries.

This paper reports on a case study* that explores the possibility of reproducing a destroyed historic site from its remaining artefacts. Using VR (virtual reality) technologies, we construct a series of low-end, 3D models that are navigable through the Web. This gives us the opportunity to visualise, explore and present ancient sites in their original form. We focus mainly on the Hawara Labyrinth site. However, the method developed is generic in that it is applicable to other sites and artefacts that require reconstruction and dissemination using digital technologies. The feedback from this pilot project will be integrated into an on-going project** on creating online learning and teaching resource.

Author(s):  Shiode, Narushige and Wolfram Grajetzki
Format:  Presentation
Date:  2000