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ÇATALHÖYÜK 1999 ARCHIVE REPORT: The Excavation of the BACH 1 Area / BACH Alan 1 KazÝlarÝ

Excavations in the BACH area concentrated on building 3 but several other spaces were also excavated. In building 3 a range of floors, fire installations, platforms, burials, post retrieval pits, bins and niches were excavated. The central floor area contained fire installations and cuts and was surrounded by platforms along the north, east and south walls of building 3. On the west side, the main space of the house was divided from its western space by a ‘curtain wall’ which appears to have been made of a wooden structure lined with plaster. To the south, three more cell-like spaces, disassociated from building 3 by a double wall, were excavated, they produced evidence for a range of activities.

Author(s):  Stevanovic, Mirjana and Tringham, Ruth
Format:  Article
Date:  1999