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Documenting and Publishing via the Internet

The Internet has many uses for Egyptologists, but there is little primary material on it. One of the speaker’s aims has been to find uses of the World Wide Web as a way of presenting information on ongoing work, and the web site devoted to University of Cambridge work on Theban Tomb 99 is an example of this. One of the problems of conventional documentation of fieldwork is the increasing cost of publishing in print. While there is (fortunately) no way that the book is likely to be replaced in the foreseeable future for Egyptology, it may be possible to use the WWW (and CD ROM for that matter) to add extra material to that which it is possible to print. Certain types of documentation are feasible on the WWW which not only complement but also extend what is conventionally done. Examples of all these documentation types will be presented in the course of the paper.

Author(s):  Strudwick, Nigel
Format:  Article
Date:  1998