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Geomorphological Research in the Upper Part of The Mesopotamain Flood Plain

In the context of the Belgian Archaeological expedition to Iraq (1988-1990) the author had the opportunity to carry out a geomorphological survey of the immediate surroundings of the sites of Tell ed-Der, Sippar and Abu Qubur, 20 km south-west of Baghdad. The study area had already been the subject of some geomorphological research carried out by Gasche, De Meyer, Baeteman and Paepe (GASCHE, DE MEYER, 1980). The authors focused on the geographical settings of the old river levees and flood basins, especially in relation to the archaeological remains and the old irrigation canals. This article attention concentrates on the geomorphological reconstruction of the palaeo-environment in general and the identification of the old river courses of the Euphrates in particular. The field work consisted of an elaborate hand-auger transect perpendicular to the course of an old river levee of the Euphrates.

Author(s):  Verhoeven, Kris
Format:  Article
Source:  The Land of Sumer and Akkad: Mesopotamian Plain History and Environment