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Zagreb Archaeological Museum

The Egyptian Collection The Egyptian collection contains more than 2100 items, most of them purchased in the last century from the family of the Austrian vice-marshal Franz Koller. Earlier periods of Egyptian history are represented in the collection by funerary and votive stone stelae from the Middle Kingdom (2040-1785 BC), as well as several objects from the New Kingdom (1552-1070 BC). Most of the collection is composed of material from the Late Period of ancient Egypt (1070 BC - AD 30). From this period (and particularly from that of the Saite rulers of the XXVI dynasty), come a series of stone and bronze monuments. The museum possesses a rich collection of ushapti figurines and canopic vases. The material from the Ptolemaic period primarily includes bronze statuettes of deities, and two sarcophagi are of the same date, along with several papyrus manuscripts with writings from the Book of the Dead.

Format:  Museum
Publisher:  Zagreb Archaeological Museum
Publication City:  CROATIA