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Cambridge Archaeological Journal

"Cambridge Archaeological Journal ranges widely in space and time, focusing particularly on the role and development of human cognitive abilities as reflected in the religion, iconography and other characteristics of early societies. The journal seeks to promote debate and discussion on crucial issues such as the origins of speech and language, archaeological approaches to symbolism and art, and the evidence for early human cognition. Specific topics covered in recent issues include: shamanism and rock art; symbolism and intentionality in city-planning; perception and cultural expression in ancient Mesoamerica; and spatial order and patterns of deposition at Stonehenge. In addition to major articles and shorter notes, Cambridge Archaeological Journal also includes review features on significant recent books. The journal has a distinguished editorial board that includes British, American, Australian and Japanese scholars of international repute..."

Author(s):  Published for the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research
Format:  Journal
Publisher:  Cambridge University Press
Publication City:  Cambridge
ISSN:  0959-7743