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Written in Stone: Inscriptions from the National Museum of Saudi Arabia.

"... Here, we present and examine 54 museum objects which bear examples of ancient epigraphy. This is a small selection from over 9,000 catalogued epigraphic objects within the two relevant collections ("Pre-Islamic Epigraphy" and "Islamic Epigraphy") of the Deputy Ministry of Antiquities and Museums (which includes the National Museum as well as regional museums). We supplement our presentation of these objects with four additional images depicting epigraphy in situ. These four images were selected from the Museum''s extensive photographic archive depicting epigraphy found on boulders, tombstones, milestones, or rock-faces located at various sites throughout the Kingdom. This precious record of ancient epigraphy, scattered throughout the Kingdom like an open library of ancient and Islamic life, is interpreted here by archeologists and epigraphers on the National Museum staff..."

Format:  Museum
Publisher:  Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History
Publication City:  Washington DC
Date:  2001