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Where has my lover gone?

Where has my lover gone, most precious to me,~(1)
And where has he taken his charms?
He's luscious to me as a fruit-laden tree,
All my pleasure's in him, he's my [man].
I've sent my lover out of town,~(5)
So now my daddy's gone.*
I'll have to make do with my own "coo-coo,"
For my love bird has flown away.[1]
Some trapper must bring my stray lover home,
So you can make sweet cooing with me,~(10)
Or, let it be the gardener-man,
to bring me (fruit from your tree).[2]
I've got the coop* ready for the young man,
I'll catch the love bird (in one snap),
Then, when I "coo?"
I'll get a round "yes!" (from my trap).*~(15)

Explanatory Notes:  [1] Literally: “I embrace my laughter and the dove has gone away.”<br />[2] Literally: “You will embrace my laughter and the orchardman will bring to me.”<br /><br />Translation: Nissinen, Melammu Symposia 2 (1999), 119.<br /><br />*Notes to Text: (6) Reading wa-‰[i]. (12) Taking qu-pí as “my coop” (quppi). (15) Metathetic wordplay: alammi :umalla?<br /> <br />
Publication:  Benjamin R. Foster, Before the Muses, 3rd ed. 2005, (p. 165)
Source:  Text: Groneberg, AOAT 267 (1999), 192–193; Edition: pp. 177–181.<br />
Language:  Akkadian
Medium:  clay tablet
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