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A Lover's Riddle

The woman you love should be in your heart, (1)
Make of her your most promising sign.
Figure it out, ask yourselves this:
What begins with a sighing wail?
Well, it's my new-born love! (5)

Explanatory Notes:  This song asks a blessing on the reigning king, Ammiditana (also blessed in II.1), then turns to giving advice to all who will listen. It ends with a light-hearted riddle: what do babies and lovers have in common?<br />
Publication:  Benjamin R. Foster, Before the Muses, 3rd edition; 2005, (p. 166)
Source:  Groneberg, AOAT 267 (1999), 177–181; Text: Groneberg, AOAT 267 (1999), 192–193.<br />;
Date:  100BCE
Language:  Akkadian
Medium:  clay tablet
Find Spot:  Babylon
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