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Yahdun-Lim of Mari's Disc Inscription

I:1] Yahdun-Lim, son of Yaggid Lim; king of Mari, Tuttul and the country of the Hana-nomads; the powerful king, who controls the “Banks of the Euphrates”: Dagan proclaimed my kingship and, handing me a powerful weapon for destroying kings hostile to me, I defeated 7 kings Hana-nomad chiefs who successively challenged me, annexing their territory; I removed the invaders from the “Banks of the Euphrates,” giving peace to my land; I opened canals, thus eliminating well-water drawing throughout my land. I built Mari's ramparts and dug its moat; I built Terqa's ramparts and dug its moat..
II:9] And in the burnt field—an arid spot—where not one king since days of yore founded a town, indeed I, having wished it, founded a town, dug its moat and called it "Dur-Yahdullim"; I then opened a canal for it and called it "Išim-Yahdullim." I, therefore, enlarged my country and strengthened the structure of Mari and of my land, establishing my reputation for eternity..
III:3] Whoever discards my commemorations, replacing them with his own, such a person, be he king or governor, may Anum and Enlil curse him darkly; may Šamaš snap his weapons and those of his troops; may Ašnan and Sumuqan starve his land; may hostilities hold (shut) the gate of his country; may combat persist in his country; may trouble hound his kingship, daily, throughout his life; may Anum and Enlil be evil counsel to him, for evermore.

Explanatory Notes:  “Banks of the Euphrates” may be the name of the Mari kingdom.
Publication:  D. Frayne, RIME 4: 602-604; study: Moran Fs (1990), 439-449,
Source:  F. Thureau-Dangin, RA 33, 50
Date:  OB (ca 1800)
Language:  Old-Babylonian
Medium:  clay disk
Find Spot:  Mari (Tell Hariri)
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