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The Worm and the Toothache

After Anum had made the heavens,
the heavens had made the earth,
the earth had made the rivers,
the rivers had made the irrigation ditches,
the ditches had made the mud,
and the mud had made the maggot,
the maggot went in tears before Shamash,
before Ea his tears were flowing:
"What have you given me to eat?
What have you given me to suck?"
"I have given you the ripe fig and the apricot."
"What are these to me, the ripe fig and the apricot?
Lift me up and let me dwell between the teeth and the jaws!
Let me suck the very blood of the tooth,
and let me gnaw on the very bone of the jaw!"
Drive in a peg and seize the foot!
"Because you said this, O maggot,
let Ea smite you with his mighty fist!"

Incantation formula for toothache.
Its ritual: you mix together small beer, a lump of malt and oil. You recite the incantation three times over it. You put it on his tooth.

Copy of a single-columned tablet according to the text of an old fired tablet belonging to Marduk-nadin-ahi. Nabû-nadin-ipri, son of Kudurranu, wrote it.

Source:  CT 17 50
Date:  First millennium BC
Language:  Akkadian
Medium:  clay tablet
Find Spot:  Babylon
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