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Swapping Children

AfO 50 no. 1 (Alternate Title)

AfO 50, no. 1 (BM 94598)
[f.Ishunnu, daugh]ter of […] has spoken to Lâbaši-[Marduk, son of …]-Marduk from the Iddin-Papsukkal family, thus:~~(l. 1-3)
"Since I have been living with Iddin-Nabû, your slave, as (his) wife, we have taken Nabû-bullissu, our foster child, from a dog's mouth and raised him. And I have born (a child named) Laqipu to him."~~(l. 4-8)
Voluntarily (lit: "in the consent of her heart") f.Ishunnu has given Nabû-bullissu, the foster child whom they took from the dog's mouth and raised him, to Lâbaši-Marduk as a slave.~~(l. 9-13)
And Lâbaši-Marduk voluntarily has released Laqipu to f.Ishunnu.~~(l. 14-15)
They have taken (a copy of the document) each.~~(l. 16)
Names of five witnesses and scribe.~~(l. 17-22)
[…], 10[+]th day of the 1st month of the year [x] of Darius, [king of Babylon and the lands].

Publication:  C. Wunsch, Findelkinder und Adoption nach neubabylonischen Quellen, AfO 50 no. 1
Source:  Archiv für Orientforschung vol. 50, 2003-04, p. 174-244, no. 1
Date:  between 521 and 486 BC
Language:  Neo-Babylonian
Medium:  clay tablet
Find Spot:  probably Borsippa
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